Local History

Red Hook circa 1875

Red Hook, circa 1875

History of Red Hook

The Brooklyn Crab Shack is located in the neighborhood of Red Hook.  Red Hook has a long history; for more information check out some of the links below:

“The neighborhood’s name comes from its shape as a “hook” of land protruding from the coast of Brooklyn. Red Hook is geographically isolated: surrounded by water on three sides…..With stunning views of the Statue of Liberty, the neighborhood’s western side, nicknamed “the Back,” was a natural location for one of the nation’s busiest ports.”
-PBS, http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/redhookjustice/redhook.html

“Throughout the 19th century and into the earlier half of the 20th, shipping was a major component of New York City industry. Using tugboats, barges and bales to transport goods, workers hoisted cargo out of the ships with nets. Beginning in the late 1950s, large metal containers became the new shipping standard, but Red Hook and other city waterfronts didn’t have enough land to unload the containers by crane and transport them onto trucks to go to distribution centers…….But Red Hook is back. Some container shipping exists in several of the area’s piers, and the waterfront is now a hub for many shippers, who bring goods into Brooklyn by container and unload them along the waterfront’s warehouses.”
IndustryNYC, http://industrynyc.journalism.cuny.edu/2010/05/12/brooklyn-waterfront/


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